Renovating a Home Built Before 1978? Tips to Help You Prepare

Renovating a Home Built Before 1978? Tips to Help You Prepare

Because homes built before 1978 frequently have lead-based paint in them, it’s good to think about precautions to take before starting renovations. Here are a few tips:

  • Before the work begins, clarify with contractors the plans for containing the work zone and for clean-up.
  • If you plan to be in your home during renovations, try to stay away from the area where the work is being done and stay where you and your family aren’t affected by traffic into and out of the work zone.
  • If the renovations involve bathrooms and kitchens, make sure you’ve made adequate arrangements before the work begins. Where will you eat, what water will you use, etc.?
  • Make plans for your pets so that they can stay safely out of the work zone.
  • If possible, contractors should have access to the outside from the work zone that’s different from the access you and your family are using. This is to keep you away from materials that are being removed.
  • If possible, don’t circulate air through heating and air conditioning systems while the work is being done. Having fans off keeps them from spreading dust from the work zone to other rooms. Consider whether or not you can stay in your home comfortably without those systems on.
  • Have a place to store any furniture from the area being renovated before the work begins, or make sure that large items you can’t easily move are well wrapped.

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