Small Indoor Remodeling Projects

Small Indoor Remodeling Projects

Some small updates can have a big impact. Here are five project ideas for fall and winter that can be done affordably and can really change the look of your space, and these projects are easy to tackle during the wet months, when you’re spending more time indoors.

1-Replace cabinet and drawer hardware in kitchens and bathrooms. You might be surprised by how much a new knob or handle can change the look of a cabinet or drawer, and there’s very budget-friendly hardware available, so you can make a big change at little cost. Updating all of the cabinets and drawers in a room can really help to refresh the whole space.

2-Replace door hardware on interior doors. If you’re ready to update your doorknobs, this is a great project that doesn’t have to take much time. If your door hinges look worn or are a different finish than the new knobs or levers you’ve picked, it’s easy to update those, as well—and door stops, too. Home improvement and hardware stores generally have a selection of knobs, levers, hinges, and accessories in different finishes. Changing the door hardware can be an easy and relatively inexpensive upgrade.

3-Replace light fixtures. If you have old fixtures, now could be the time to upgrade and really enjoy the new lights you choose, since it’s the time of year when you’re indoors more, anyway. Lighting stores can help you select the right type of fixture and the right bulbs for a particular room.

4-Paint. Whether it’s on walls, trim, walls and trim, or the kitchen cabinets, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way to refreshing a space, even if you decide to stick with your existing shade.

5-Add built-in cabinets or shelves to a room where you need more storage. If you have the ability to build these yourself, great. Otherwise, there are pre-made shelves available in home improvement stores and you can get installation guidance there, as well, or you can bring in a local woodworker to create custom cabinets, shelves—or a built-in bench or wardrobe. The custom possibilities are endless.

Whatever project you choose, making even a small update to your home’s interior can have a huge impact and can help you to really enjoy your living space.

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